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Why does this job interest you?

When will this question be asked?
Once you’ve given your interviewer an overview of what makes you tick and the experiences you’ve had over your career, they will than want to know how that relates to this particular job and what interests you about the position.

Get the answer right here and your interviewer will see your potential, but get it wrong and you could go a long way to ruining your chances of landing the job.

Why is this question asked?
Employers want to recruit people who will be committed to their business and who will put 100% effort into the role. They have provided you with information about the job in the job description and now want you to tell them what jumped out at you and made you apply.

If there are two candidates at an equal level of skills and experience, their answers to this question could be what sways the decision either way as commitment is something that’s very difficult to prove on paper.

How can you prepare for this question?
As well as reading through the job description thoroughly and picking out certain aspects of the job that appeal, you also want to do some background research into the company. You want to find out things like their company mission, their history and some of the recent products or services they have launched. The more you know about what it is they do, the easier it will be to tell them about why you want to work for them.

See if you can get in touch with anyone who currently works for the company to find out more about what it’s like to work for the company on a day-to-day basis. Do they have regular team-building exercises? Does it have a good reputation for training and development? Are there good opportunities for career progression? If you can find out these inner-workings of the business, you’ll be able to talk about how they match up with what you want out of a job.

What does the interviewer want to hear?
Firstly they want to know that you are capable of doing the job, so there’s no harm in telling them bluntly that you think it’s a job you’d be good at. You then want to talk about how the various job responsibilities will allow you to use your abilities to help the company move forward.

If possible, try to pick up on one aspect of the company and tell them it’s something you’re looking forward to working with. For example, if the company produces a product you use in your daily life, mention how great it would be to find out more about how the product was developed and how it works, whilst helping them get it out to a bigger audience.

One tip that is sure to impress the interviewer is to come up with your own personal mission statement and relate it back to the company mission statement so they can instantly recognise that you’re on their wavelength.

The worst thing you could say here is that you just need a job. Even if it is the case that you just need some money, the job is close to home and you think that it would be pretty easy they’re very unlikely to be impressed with your honesty. Stay well away from mentioning money as a reason, even if it’s an interview for a job where there’s the potential to make big commissions. You should be focusing on the opportunity to use and develop your skills, not the opportunity to take home a big pay packet.

What follow up questions might there be?
If your answer has satisfied the interviewer fully then they will be happy to move on to a different topic, possibly giving you an example of a situation you will come across in the job and asking you to explain how you would handle it.

If they don’t feel you have been comprehensive enough in your answer, they may ask you to go into more detail about what you know about their company or the job. A question like “What do you think makes a good Sales Manager?” is another way of checking tht you know what the role consists of and that you have the attributes they’re looking for. Look to give an overview of the key responsibilities and explain how your skills allow you to accomplish these tasks.







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